Clockwork City Precursor Maker Locations Guide

Precursor Maker GuideThe Precursor is a target dummy available by completing tasks in Clockwork City. The tasks include doing a few quests and then collecting Precursor’s parts in several awfully named dwemer-themed delves and quest zones in the game.

Quest starts from a bulletin board in the north part of Brass Fortress in clockwork City. Quest is unsurprisingly called “The Precursor“. It requires you to go talk to an NPC named Associate Zanon.

Associate Zanon can be found in his workshop in Reactor District, a western part of Brass Fortress. Location is marked on the map below:

Associate Zanon Location

Associate Zanon location in Reactor District


Precursor Maker Achievement

Precursor Maker Achievement

After a quick task to grab an Integral of Memory, you need to collect 14 different Precursor body parts. These are found in the following zones:

  1. Alik’r Desert: Yldzuun
  2. Alik’r Desert: Santaki
  3. Alik’r Desert: Aldunz
  4. Bangkorai: Klathzgar
  5. The Rift: Avancheznel
  6. Eastmarch: Mzulft
  7. Stonefalls: Inner Sea Armature
  8. Deshaan: Mzithumz
  9. Deshaan: Lower Bthanual
  10. Deshaan: Bthanual
  11. Stros M’Kai: Bthzark
  12. Brass Fortress: Mechanical Fundament
  13. Clockwork City zone – Ventral Terminus
  14. Brass Fortress: Machine District

Once you have collected all 14 parts bring them to Associate Zanon to continue. After a quick mundane task you will be a proud owner of a brand new Precursor target dummy.

Maps below display the locations of Precursor Construct parts. Exact location is indicated by a cog wheel. Note that most parts are found in delves, but some are in regular quest areas.

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ESO Gold Guide

ESO Gold Guide

Gold in Elder Scrolls Online is often easy to come by, but it’s even easier to spend. Equipment upgrades, motif pages, house furnishing, storage chests, bank and character inventory upgrades, mount training — these are just some of the ways to spend your gold.

More importantly, you can trade gold for Crowns, meaning you can use in-game gold to purchase cosmetic items and account upgrades which are normally sold for real money. All of this makes earning gold in this game very attractive.

Nearly everything you do in ESO will give you gold. Fact is, I never played any game where making gold was this easy. But if you want to take your income to the next level, you will need to engage in farming and trading activities. Some are worth doing more than others, and this ESO gold guide will give you some easy ways to earn it.

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Jewelry Crafting Guide

Jewelry Crafting GuideJewelry Crafting is the latest profession added to The Elder Scrolls Online in Summerset chapter. The goal of the profession is to give players additional freedom to build characters and customize equipment choices.

Jewel crafting uses many of the same concepts as other professions in TESO. Gathering materials, researching traits, and developing the new Jewelry Crafting skill line is similar to what we are used to. However, jewel crafting also introduces new raw materials and gathering nodes and new traits.

This guide will give you a basic rundown of everything relating to Jewelry crafting profession, so if you’re interested, curious or confused it should answer all your questions.

  1. Basics
  2. Crafting Stations
  3. Materials
  4. Skill Line
  5. Research
  6. Traits
  7. Upgrade Materials
  8. Crafting Writs
  9. Survery Report Locations

Jewelry Crafting Basics

Jewelry crafting allows players to create custom rings and necklaces. Jewelcrafting items finally enable players to craft rings and necks that are part of player-crafted sets, and introduce six new traits.

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How to Become a Vampire

How to become a vampire in ESOBecoming a Vampire in Elder Scrolls Online is a goal for many players. Even if they don’t fully understand the benefits of vampires, it’s still an exciting prospect.

This guide will tell you how to become a vampire, give you exact vampire spawn locations on the map, and explain the pros and cons of vampirism.

Quick jump to:

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Helpful ESO Addons You Should Consider Using

There’s been a lot of controversy around Elder Scrolls Online’s addons recently, and while Zenimax did severely limit some of the potential capabilities addon developers are still hard at work creating helpful ones. The default interface is very minimalistic, somewhat optimized for console gamers and as such has certain downsides. Regardless of your opinions on addons there are a few which are very useful, and here’s some which I’ve been using so far!

For info on how to find and install addons jump to the end of this article.

1. Wykkyd’s Framework

Wykkyds FrameworkWykkyd’s Framework has been extremely helpful for me. It adds a bar showing your character’s level and XP bar, amount of Soul Shards, mount feed timer, clock, zone you’re in, available and used bag space and several other pieces of information which are very useful to see at all times.

While the information it provides can be found otherwise, having it up the entire time has been a real time saver for me. Constantly opening my inventory to see how much space I have left or checking character stats to see experience progress to next level can get tedious after awhile — with Wykkyd’s Framework you can choose to display all or just some of these stats all the time. Not crucial to have by any means, but something that I feel should definitely be on everyone’s to-do list.

(Wykkyd’s Framework on Esoui)

2. ZrMiniMap

ZrMiniMapThis is one of those add-ons that’s simply a must-have for anyone who thinks immersion is just another buzzword. I played without a minimap for a couple of days, and as soon as I realized this feature existed I never looked back. It’s a very simple addon that does exactly what you think: adds a small version of your map to a customizable place on your screen. Navigating to quest givers, public dungeons or wayshrines becomes (surprisingly) a lot easier, so ZrMiniMap is one addon you should definitely consider installing.

(ZrMiniMap on Esoui)

3. Craft Research Timer

Crafting Research TimersAnother self-explanatory addon. To see research timers normally you’d have to visit a crafting station and check it manually: no more, as Craft Research Timer allows you to view the exact time when your research for Clothing, Blacksmithing or Woodworking will be completed. Since research times will take an enormous amount of time maximizing your research downtime is very important, especially early on when they don’t take too long.

If you’re like me and trying to level all professions, keeping track of research times for 6 or even 9 different traits can get overwhelming, and Craft Research Timer will absolutely help with that. It’s certainly not the prettiest addon and I wouldn’t mind more customization, but it does its job effectively.

(Craft Research Timer on Esoui)

4. Foundry Tactical Combat

Foundry Tactical CombatThough not for everyone, Foundry Tactical Combat is incredibly helpful for players who are often grouped or engage in Cyrodiil’s PvP combat. Scrolling combat text and buff tracking are just some of the features of FTC, and for everyone who feels they’re lacking combat information this addon should do the trick.

(Foundry Tactical Combat on Esoui)

5. SpamFilter

SpamFilterEveryone who’s completely against addons in ESO, you’re now eating your words! Except for a rudimentary ignore list the developers didn’t seem to implement any kind of spam filters to keep unwanted (and annoying) gold spam messages from the zone chat, and there sure is a lot of it going around in starting zones.

I’m sure anyone will agree that this is one addon you absolutely want to have and keep updated, so be sure to install it and enjoy a spam-free experience.

(SpamFilter on Esoui)

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